The choice of a frame is very personal. That is why PHI 2 ART does not supply frames with the prints.

The size of the paper is chosen with standard (European) frame sizes in mind. (Frame sizes always indicate the inside of the frame !).
So an image size of 34x34cm is printed on a paper size of 50x50cm.
And an image of 55x55cm is printed on a paper size of 70x70cm.
An image with a size of 89x89cm (the largest size that I offer) is printed on a paper size of 100x100cm.

A frame is of value for the "looks" of your print, but also serves to protect your print. So don't economize on that.
Interchangeable frames are very handy; so you could insert a different print once in a while. A disadvantage is that the backside of the frame is not sealed, which means that dust or small insects can get between the glass and the print.
I myself would use acid-free tape to fix that.

A passe-partout or underlying cardboard must always be acid-free. This also applies to the tape that is eventual used.
Most frames come with Float-glass wich is fine, although the reflection can sometimes be annoying.
I do not recommend Acrylic glass, because it is scratch-sensitive, can be hollow or convex and is sometimes less clear than glass. Unless you use True Vue Optimum Museum Acrylic. This is an excellent quality product, but also very expensive.
Museum glass (also called Art Glass) is a good and professional choice. It is anti-reflective and is supplied as UV-resistant, in various degrees.
Better but more expensive than Museum glass is Clarity Glass wich has a reflection value of less than 1%, so it is almost 'invisible'.
A possible  in between choice could be 'Anti-reflective glass' (reflection control). More expensive than float glass, but cheaper than museum glass. Please note that there are major quality differences in this type of glass.
In short, get advise !

Do not expose the print to full sunlight, that is not a good idea for any printed matter.
Every paper material is sensitive to moisture. So a bathroom is not really a good place for a print.

Enjoy your purchase.


mei 17-2021
Af en toe schrijf ik op mijn blog een column over mijn prints. Voor wie het interesseert.

april 9-2021
Expositie In Galerie Espace Enny geopend
3 april opende de expositie Oud&Nieuw.
Te zien tot mei 10-2021

maart 10-2021
Nationale Kunstdagen
Mijn geometrisch-abstracte computer ontwerpen zijn te zien op de beurs 'Nationale Kunstdagen' in Gorinchem 06-11 en 07-11. 

december 12-2020
Grazie a Fibonacci
Slecht nieuws : ART ARNHEM is definitief afgeblazen en zal in de combinatie Kunstbeurs/ Eusebiuskerk ook  niet meer terugkeren.
Goed nieuws : van 03-04-21 t/m 09-05-21 is een selectie uit Serie 1 en 2
te zien bij Galerie Espace Enny te Laag Keppel.

november 4- 2020
Grazie a Fibonacci
Zojuist werd bekend dat de kunstbeurs ART ARNHEM is uitgesteld tot 
9 en 10 januari 2021.
Heel jammer, maar begrijpelijk.
Maar mocht u voor 5 december of kerst een Gicleé print willen kopen
dan geldt van 28 nov. t/m 31 dec. ook de speciale beursprijs van €400,-
per print, incl. verzendkosten en certificaat van echtheid. 

september 2020
Grazie a Fibonacci
Onder deze titel worden de 13 prints uit de serie "Verkenning",
tentoongesteld  op de Art Arnhem. Te zien op 28 en 29 november in de Eusebiuskerk/Arnhem. Stand 63.

log oArtArnhem

juli 2020
Een foto van de print "Opgesloten Trapezia",  in een zwarte, strakke lijst. 

Gesloten Trapezia_Jan Willem Hensse_Phi2Art




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